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Robert Florio

Despite having a spinal cord injury at age 14, Robert Florio has not let life get him down. His injury enhanced his artistic ability and gave him a creative outlet to connect with the world. He creates a better world of art with his mouth. He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online in 2007 with a bachelors in video game art and design. When he is not painting, he can be found performing at local comedy venues in the DC/Maryland/Virginia areas, with friends, tattoo, playing his guitar. 


To read more about Robert, Check out his book:
LIFE!: It Must Be A Comedy

Exclusive interview  by Julie Wagner.

Robert Florio The Artist and Comedian.

Age 14. 2 weeks before my injury with my best friend.
At Baltimore Comic-con 2012 with Stan Lee.
Getting tattooed
Playing my guitar
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